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5 Best i7 Laptops under 45000 (8GB RAM + 3.0Ghz) Speed

Best laptops under 45000 have a maximum of 8 GB Ram, 1 TB of storage capacity. Under this category, laptops are powered by 5th or 6th generation Intel i7 or Intel i5 processor with excellent processing speed of up to 3 GHz. Best Dell laptops under 40000 with i5 Processor Laptops […]

9 Best i5 6th Gen Laptops under 40000 (8GB RAM+ 1TB)

Laptops under 40000 have powerful hardware and you will get a business laptop with good configuration. Under this price range laptops comes with good processing speed, and high RAM and good storage capacity. Laptops under 35000 Best Laptops under 40000 are powered with a maximum of 8 GB RAM, 1 TB storage […]

6 Best i5 Laptops under 35000 (4GB RAM+1TB+Windows 10)

Best laptops under 35000 powered with 5th or 4th   generation Intel core i3 processor with good processing speed. Laptops under 35000 came with 4 GB Ram, 1 TB of storage capacity.These laptops have Intel Hd, ATI Exo graphics processor with graphics memory capacity of 2 GB. Best laptops below 35000 have […]

11 Best i5 Laptops under 30000 (4GB RAM+1TB+Windows10)

Best Laptops under 30000 are powered with Intel i3 or i5 or AMD processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB storage capacity with processing speed up to 2.5 GHZ. Laptops under 30000 come with  Linux/DOS, it means you need to buy licensed version of windows or use pirated copy of windows. Some […]